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The Little Yorkshire Candle Company

When I first started my venture, Wild for the Wolds, to support local people and local businesses predominately in East Yorkshire, I came across a lady called Alex from York who has set up a wonderful little candle company.

The lovely Alex, owner of The Little Yorkshire Candle Company

I found her on Pinterest to start with, then I discovered her on instagram and now I’m a dedicated follower and fan.

Technically, York is not in East Yorkshire, but we East Yorkshire folk love a visit to York and are very proud to have this amazing city very close on our door step, and we love our York friends as much as we love their beautiful historic city.

Now Alex, is a Yorkshire girl after my own little Yorkshire heart. I admire her grit, her creativity, her courage and her honest journey that she shares with us about life as a small business owner.

Alex has taken the plunge to create a beautiful company, making naturally scented candles for us all to enjoy. Reading her journey from childhood days in the garden picking flowers to make scent, you can quickly tell Alex was destined to do something creative and wonderful, and I’m glad she did.

Candles for any mood

The Little Yorkshire Candle Company, like many local Artisans believe in local, support local and hire local to help them grow and succeed.

Sarah Relf’s beautifully designed packaging

Alex has some wonderful people on board to help with the many facets of her business. I love Sarah Relf, from Magpies Cabinet, her creative magical designs for Alex’s packaging have a real Alice in Wonderland feel to them.

Ben Taylors awesome bespoke Yorkshire poem

Then there’s Ben Taylor, oh my goodness, Ben’s little poem in each box, is the sweetest Yorkshire poem I’ve ever read, I love our dialect and its great to have it featured in the packaging. Its like a true Yorkshire hug in a box, and a gorgeous prelude to lighting your new candle to enjoy.

I like the fact that Alex has kept the product 100% natural, anf for good reason, Alex’s son has Asthma, so it made perfect sense in every way to go natural. She uses soy, coconut oil and beeswax as the base for her candles, and then uses quality essential oils and flower extracts to scent them.

Scent Selection

Her scent creations are very much inspired by our countryside, there are 4 fragrance types to select from, Fresh, Floral, Sweet and Woody.

All the candles are hand poured by Alex, that means real love goes into them, and that’s what makes them extra special and unique.

The new shop, 72 Goodramgate, York

In the next step of Alex’s adventure, she’s recently opened up a small shop in York on Goodramgate, and it’s super cute, The type of shop you just want to potter around in, smell the lovely candles and have a friendly chat, Alex is right about a shop is not just a shop, it’s part of a community, and being blessed with local Artisans and business owners creating wonderful places like this that we can all visit, is so utterly delightful.

One of Sarah’s delightful illustrations for The Little Yorkshire Candle Company

I will be visiting York in July on my trip home, and I can’t wait to meet the lovely Alex and smell all of her beautiful candles. I might have to increase my luggage allowance though, as I’ll be bringing a lot of Yorkshire goodies back to Australia to introduce the Aussies to.

To discover more, hop on over to The Little Yorkshire Candle Company

Happy discovering the real essence of Yorkshire in a candle.

Wild for the Wolds

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