Homemade Elderflower Vinegar

I love a good recipe, especially when it’s an easy assembly job, what could be simpler? This Elderflower Vinegar will liven up any summer salad or new potatoes with its fresh zingy and gorgeous floral taste.

500ml or 1/2 cup White wine vinegar
3 x Elderflower heads in full bloom
Sterilised jar or bottle

Sterilise your chosen container, I use the dishwasher, but there are many more ways to sterilise your glass containers. Make sure your container will take 500ml of liquid.

If you can try to pick your Elderflower in the morning when the sun has been on them, it warms up the pollen and this is where the flavour is. Gently clean the flowers, I give them a light shake in the sink to get any bugs off them, and inspect them again just to be sure. Do not wash them though, as you’ll wash away the flavour.

Once your chosen container is sterilised add 3 cleaned Elderflower heads into the container and fill to the top with the vinegar.

Leave the vinegar to cure up to 2 weeks in a cool dark place, like a pantry or larder.

When your Elderflower Vinegar’s ready, here’s a lovely quick recipe you can try for a delicious Vinaigrette.

Elderflower Vinaigrette

120ml or 1/2 cup of light oil of your choice
2 tbsp of Elderflower Vinegar
2 tsp of Dijon mustard
3 tsp honey (for extra flavour use the Elderflower honey recipe)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Squeeze of lemon to taste

Add all the ingredients into a screw top jar and shake well until all the ingredients have emulsified and combined well.

Serve on salad leaves or over some beautiful new potatoes, if in season. The sauce is also very good with chicken or fish.

Happy making and eating.


  • Milburn Zoe

    Its really delicious and so simple to make, plus it looks super pretty in the jar, I have also tweaked the vinaigrette recipe, so it should be spot on for you to enjoy the vinegar.

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