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5 Simple ways to be sustainable at home in 2020

As our awareness grows with regards to caring for our planet now and in the future, we can all do our little bit, so that collectively we can make a difference.

The trick is to get into good habits so that simple sustainable ways become the norm.

Here’s what we do at home to help the planet in a small way:

  1. Collect and recycle all soft plastics. We’re lucky here our supermarkets offer soft plastic recycling, check out your local supermarket and ask them if they can do the same. When I started to collect soft plastic, our domestic waste bin dropped by half in volume, shows exactly how much plastic we use.
  2. Save your veggie scraps for a compost bin or worm farm, if you love gardening this is a must, soil health is the best way to get great results in the garden. We have a small compost bin that rotates from Aldi and a worm farm, you don’t need to spend a fortune on these items.
  3. Choose loose fruit and veg not wrapped in plastic, sometimes its hard to do this and honestly yes it makes the product cheaper, but food sweats in plastic and leads to food waste. Use brown paper bags or muslin bags that are now available from some companies.
  4. Don’t buy bottle water, fill your own at home, its much cheaper. I like to add lemon and cucumber slices to mine for a great taste and added health benefits.
  5. Give your unwanted items to charity, rather than throwing them in the bin. As they say one person’s trash is another’s treasure. It also saves items going into landfill.

I’m sure there are plenty more ways to sustainable in a simple easy way, if you’ve got any great tips and ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy sustainability,

Wild for the Wolds


  • Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

    Re using and repairing things ! We always try to repair things at home and the business before buying new.

    Old fashioned ways to clean things – my mum taught me that vinegar water is fantastic for cleaning , especially glass . Less harmful chemicals and usually vinegar comes in glass bottles.

    Trying whenever possible to buy local /seasonal produce ( tastes so much better too)

    Biking for short journeys – it’s too easy to jump in the car for those quick journeys ( saves money and some exercise too)

    Washing powder – comes in a cardboard box ( and it’s cheaper than liquid !)

    Taking our own refillable tea/coffee cups out with us.

  • Milburn Zoe

    That’s wonderful to hear, I think we’re all becoming much more conscious now about things and its interesting to discover that some of the old ways, are still the best ways for happy, healthy living. Keep up the good work!

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