The Journey back to nature

I’ve always loved nature, how could you not when you grow up in the most beautiful part of the world, East Yorkshire in the UK.

My love of English herbs and wildflowers brings so much joy, and happiness, even in Australia where I currently live, I have all kinds of English flowers, herbs and medicinal herbs.

I studied as a Herbalist 2 years ago, and find myself now going back to this creative endeavour,

There is true peace and positivity in nature, its like a big reset button. The flowers and herbs are always happy to see you and vice versa, our connection to nature is pure, its grounding and its so inspiring.

I’ve been letting my family and friends into the wonderful and magical world of herbs, their benefits for health, both physical, medicinal, and psychological.

I will be running a serious on the incredible properties of herbs, particulary the ones we have been told are weeds, yet possess the most amazing health benefits to us.

Nicholas Culpepper was an amazing man who really started this journey many centuries ago, his knowledge and discoveries still inspire today.

My journey also includes the making of herbal deodrants, shampoos, hair rinses and wonderful body oils. Like nature patience is needed as some tinctures can take a while to develop, but its well worth the wait.

I am the guinea pig at the moment trailing and testing my creations, learning from mistakes and working out how I can improve on an idea.

It is so much fun, so relaxing, creative, productive and rewarding.

Look out for my new series, as I take you on a wonderful journey of discovery and hope you can be as inspired by nature as I am

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