Making an easy and effective Hair Rinse that’s all natural

This has got be be one the the easiest home herbal hair rinse you can make, super easy, only 3 ingredients, consisting of Rosemary, Calendula and Organic Cider Vinegar. The Rosemary is great for strengthening hair, the Calendula brings out blonde highlights and the Vinegar corrects the scalp and hairs PH level, all naturally. Its takes only 2 weeks to make, but certainly label the dates when you made it and when its ready, as you see below, I usually give it a little shake now and again so the mix does not go off. When your 2 weeks is up, strain the vinegar into a bottle of your choice I usually strain through muslin in a funnel.

Start with Rosemary, this is from my garden
Add some dried Calendula, I use organic
Mix the herbs together
I use Aldi Organic Cider Vinegar
The finished product, I like to stir the mix into the vinegar and then give it a shake

Its that simple, anyone can make this and it works so well on your hair. Give it a try and let me know your results.

Love from

Zoe at Wild for the Wolds 🙂

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