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Wolds Way Lavender

Photography and Styling by Zoe Milburn

This week we are dedicating all our posts to a ‘Meet the local Artisans’ week. We’ll be covering food, beauty, retail and restaurants, championing our local Artisan hero’s from the Yorkshire Wolds area in East Yorkshire.

Today I want to introduce you to a fabulous local Artisan producer called Wolds Way Lavender, a family run Lavender farm in the Yorkshire Wolds.

I first bought their gorgeous Moisturising Hand Cream last year at Burton Agnes Hall to try, and I love it. Its been a year on and it still smells and feels fabulous. This is absolute proof of quality, so I’ll certainly be buying more soon, and perhaps trying out a few new products too.

I have always loved Lavender, the pretty highly scented flowers are a great summer delight. Introduced into Britain by the Romans, it’s said to be one of the oldest perfumes, favoured by Queen Elizabeth 1st as a perfume and in a tea to treat her migraines. Such is the soothing quality of lavender, its also a natural antiseptic used by the Romans to treat battle wounds, ward of insects, to wash with and was used in food. Its a very highly versatile herb and one of my personal favourites in the garden.

The Lavender fragrance of the Wolds Way Lavender products is intense and dreamy, very much like you are smelling a real lavender bush up close in this cute little blue glass jar. I also love the fact is handmade from 100% natural lavender oil, this makes it super special, I always think that handmade has real love inside a product.

Wolds Way Lavender farm is situated in Wintringham, East of Malton on the edge of the Wolds Way Walk. Its a 12 acre farm, with 5 acres dedicated to growing beautiful lavender. In 2005 the first distillation of ther lavender oil took place and from there on a beautiful range of products have been developed and can be purchased on their website.

The farm has many attractions, a Lavender tea room, a sculpture park, a giant games maze, a play area for children and a lavender and herb garden with 120 different types on show. There’s also the Wolds Way Light Railway and nature walks where you are most welcome to bring your dog too. What a perfect family day out.

I can’t wait to visit this beautiful farm in July at the height of the lavender season, I can almost smell the lavender now.

To discover more, hop on over to their website.Their farm will also be open 21st March 2020.

Wolds Way Lavender

Happy discovering the real taste (and scent) of the Yorkshire Wolds,

Wild for the Wolds

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