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Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

The Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice company was started by Ray Kirby back in 2008 when windfall apples inspired him with a clever idea to create a cold pressed apple juice using the windfall apples from locals gardens.

Ray worked hard to perfect a great tasting apple juice and was soon rewarded by winning awards and business from Betty’s Tea Rooms.

The business has been inherited by a few local families and is now in the hands of Jane and Jon, at Welham Wold Farm, Norton near Malton on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Breathing new life into the company and with total dedication and commitment, Jane and Jon are producing delicious cold pressed cloudy apple juice to the same recipe that Ray perfected.

I’ve been following them on their socials as they’ve been documenting the harvesting and production of this years apple juice, they’ve certainly been very busy bees indeed.

At Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice, everything is handcrafted, from the pressing, bottling, pasteurising and labelling, so you know its all been created with real love.

They are now branching out with great flavour combinations, using classic English apples like Bramley, and have a very popular spiced apple juice too. The UK has some of the best apple variaties, many of them dating back hundreds of years. My father would bring home crates of English Cox’s Pippins from local farms, they were the best tasting apples and lasted a long time.

I also have to commend Jane and Jon for using glass bottles, their commitment to sustainability is awesome, so no plastic bottles here. Jane likes to re-use and recycle as much as possible doing her bit to look after this splendid County of ours. They also provide a fruit pressing service, so you can bring your own apples and pears to the farm and they will press and bottle the juice for you, more details about this service are on their website.

I cannot wait to taste their apple juice on my visit home in July, I’ve read the reviews and want to try some now, but I’ll have to wait, I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

To discover more, hop on over to their website, Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

Happy discovering the real taste of the Yorkshire Wolds,

Wild for the Wolds

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