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Pipe and Glass Inn

Today we are showcasing a very special restaurant in South Dalton, near Beverly. This Michelin star restaurant has revolutionised the way we look at Yorkshire produce, from heritage foods to new spins on old Yorkshire classics.

The Pipe and Glass Inn is a beautiful restaurant owned and run by James and Kate MacKenzie. The aim is to showcase the freshness and quality of local Yorkshire Wolds food in a creative and inspiring way.

The food is fine dining at its best with real heart and soul, as the quality ingredients speak for themselves. Even the food critics agree, gracing the Pipe and Glass Inn with a Michelin star in 2010 that they still hold today.

James is a very talented chef, and we are so lucky to have him and his family here in East Yorkshire.

James uses local ingredients to ensure freshness, the food is exquisite, skillfully prepared and cooked, it’s a real treat.

I took my family there last February and will certainly be returning this year too, except instead of warming up by the fire in winter, I hope to be dining alfresco in the summer sunshine this time around.

Photography and Styling by Zoe Milburn

I also bought their cookbook to bring home with me. Its a bit battered and bruised now, but I think that’s a good sign of a much loved cookbook.

I also love the fact that there’s a kitchen garden outside at the back of the restaurant growing fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. I love that James is using heirloom variety herbs in his cooking, like Lovage for example, its the original celery, a little more bitter and strong, but oh so good in mayonnaise with a potato salad or in a herb vinaigrette over hot new potatoes.

You can also stay the night in one of their luxury boutique rooms, or dine in their private dining room, or even see a cooking demonstration by James.

The Pipe and Glass Inn are also involved with local charities and the community, working with local cookery schools and colleges, inspiring the new chefs of tomorrow.

To discover more about the Pipe and Glass Inn, hop on over to their website,

Happy discovering the real taste of the Yorkshire Wolds,

Wild for the Wolds

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