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A Warm Yorkshire Welcome

Welcome to a brand new journal and start of an exciting movement to celebrate and place the great Yorkshire Wolds clearly on Britian’s map as a must see and visit destination, as it so rightly deserves to be.

I’ll be lifting the lid off this hidden gem of a place so you can experience the real taste of the Yorkshire Wolds and be inspired to come see it for yourself.

I’ll share with you my Yorkshire Wolds food heritage, memories of my Nanna’s Yorkshire country kitchen, original recipes with a fresh modern twist, showcase amazing local food producers and restaurateurs, all with a passion and verve that very much encapsulates the Yorkshire Spirit of humbleness, generosity and pride.

I was born in the Yorkshire Wolds and grew up by the coast in Bridlington, then moved with my family inland to Driffield, the capital of the Yorkshire Wolds, set in the most picturesque countryside that’s worthy of any chocolate box cover.

You may think that I’m perhaps a bit biased here, but its been one of the best kept secrets in Britain, The Yorkshire Wolds (not to be confused with The Cotswolds) has some of the best agriculture land, produce and fantastic food heritage spanning hundreds of years.

My fathers side of the family owned a dairy farm in Wansford and my earliest memory is the Georgian farmhouse kitchen and a cup of tea that was presented to me in a dainty china cup to try. I have to confess that this has sparked a love of fine china tea cups and divinely strong Yorkshire tea that takes me right back to that moment – bliss.

So how did I end up in Australia? Well long story short – Adventure. Having travelled the world it was time to experience what life down under was like. I’ve been in Oz for 20 years now with a wonderful family and lifestyle. However, you never lose your roots, and those roots are firmly rooted back in the Yorkshire Wolds. I have managed to keep some of my British accent, indulge in watching British drama’s and cook English style food. I have set up a English inspired herb garden and have Elderflower trees blooming in the garden. A true slice of home from home.

This passion of mine for the Yorkshire Wolds also saw a collaboration with the recent Sewerby Hall Cookbook project. Sewerby Hall is a Georgian Manor house situated on Bridlington’s dramatic cliff top. As a child I would frequently walk to Sewerby along the cliff tops and would admire the grandeur of the home and gardens. I submitted my Mum’s Yorkshire Pudding recipe and shared some musings about visits to my Nanna’s house and seeing her cook up all wonderful kinds of food from the hedgerow and some unusual frugal practises like storing onions in her stockings for the winter, or making wine out of practically anything foraged. I believed my Nanna could turn her hand to almost anything in the kitchen, and she still remains my biggest food hero.

This was then the catalyst and spark of an exciting idea to combine my longing for home, with my passion for food, to share my Yorkshire heritage and tell The Yorkshire Wolds story through my own experiences first hand.

If you love great food, great home ideas, want to be inspired and share a real slice of Yorkshire goodness then you’ve come to the right place here at Wild for the Wolds.

I’ll share some of my families secret recipes with you, cooking and growing tips, ideas for the home and memories of Yorkshire Wolds life. Together we can start a movement, and support the good Yorkshire Wolds folk who produce the best quality food, who look after our natural heritage, our beautiful historic buildings and finally put the Yorkshire Wolds back on Britain’s map.

We hope you enjoy this journal and would love to have you join our email list so you never miss a thing. We’ll be posting new articles each Monday and Thursday, and if there’s any topics you’d like to see in this journal do let us know.

Happy discovering,

Wild for the Wolds

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